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About Jason MicroSilk bathes and how they help the ichthyosis community

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Each family is given the choice between a Jason microsilk bathtub and a portable nanobubble machine from the white water company. This page is to help you better understand how these products can greatly help a person with ichthyosis.

 Jason International is dedicated to helping those affected with Ichthyosis and other severe skin conditions. Jason International is a company that primarily sells luxury items and has become aware that their technology is helping those in the ichthyosis community. Each bath sold through this website and with your donations will be given at cost from this incredibly generous company. This will ensure that your money will not be wasted in any way.
 If you would like to read more about this company and its benefits please click on the link provided. Once again I would just like to say how much I appreciate this amazing company and all of their hard work.
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