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During my first leggings fundraiser, I discovered that Lu La Roe leggings specifically did not absorb Aquaphor off of the body so people struggling with Ichthyosis stayed hydrated longer. The material also holds up incredibly well to the constant lotion. My first legging drive brought in about 40 pairs all donated by independent retailers who donated leggings using their own money. These leggings were so well received that I asked for more and time and time again retailers went out of their way to host fundraisers and just donate in general. Once the Lu La Roe company found out, they donated $15,000 worth of new leggings. I’m humbled and excited to be able to send free leggings to anyone in the U.S.A with Ichthyosis. Please fill out the info and submit if you have Ichthyosis and would like leggings.

Thanks for submitting!

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