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Our Story

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 My daughter Anna was born on September 17,2017 with a rare skin disorder called harlequin ichthyosis. Anna's care requires frequent long baths with a lot of exfoliation. There is no cure for any type of ichthyosis, and the treatment is to just bathe for many hours a day and then cover the skin in Aquaphor often.

 I heard about a Jason MicroSilk tub that would accelerate the process for exfoliating the extra layer of skin. It made the overall bathing process faster and more efficient. Seeing how this is the only known product to help with Ichthyosis, I decided to try it and my community quickly helped raise funds.

After using and loving this tub so much I started to see others in the Ichthyosis community struggling to raise money for the tub and installation. A very necessary and life-altering bath tub exists and they couldn’t afford it. So I created HQD donations: based entirely on people giving small donations automatically every month and when the account reaches $5,000 we will give a check to the current family in need. We will also assist with the tub-buying process by working closely with Jason international to get the best prices available. after this family we will continue to help others in an effort to buy one bathtub a month for families fighting this disorder.


I look forward to you making a direct difference in these peoples lives.


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