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my name is Jennie and I started the harlequin diva foundation to help people that have ichthyosis and other skin disorders. My daughter Anna was born with harlequin ichthyosis

and I soon realized that very few things that are needed to help people with rare diseases are covered by insurance. I take small monthly donations and one time donations and I help people buy what they need. From micro silk bathes to cooling vests, air conditioners, and even lotion. If a person with ichthyosis needs help, we help them.  I cannot change everything these kids may go through in their lives but I can make it easier for them. Help me, help children and adults all over the world get the supplies they need.

cooling vest giveaway

I'm currently raising money to give out cooling vests to kids and adults with ichthyosis. last year I was able to give over $10,000 in cooling vests to people. People with ichthyosis cannot sweat so cooling vests help them to be able to go outside in the summer months. The cooling vests we buy are from polar products and they freeze at just 55 degrees so people stay comfortable without getting too cold. The ice packs also freeze in just the refrigerator or a bag of ice so re freezing is very simple. Each vest is about $250 and this time I have many people on my list that are out of the United States so shipping is a factor as well. Many people are from parts of the world that are very hot with little escape from the heat. I would love if you would help me raise enough to send cooling vests to everyone in need.

                               thank you 


What is Ichthyosis?


Ichthyosis is a family of genetic skin disorders characterized by dry, scaling skin that may be thickened or very thin. The only managment for icthyosis right now is long bathes and constant use of aquaphor or other lotions.

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