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my name is Jennie and I started the harlequin diva foundation to help people that have ichthyosis and other skin disorders. My daughter Anna was born with harlequin ichthyosis

and I soon realized that very few things that are needed to help people with rare diseases are covered by insurance. I take small monthly donations and one time donations and I help people buy what they need. From micro silk bathes to cooling vests, air conditioners, and even lotion. If a person with ichthyosis needs help, we help them.  I cannot change everything these kids may go through in their lives but I can make it easier for them. Help me, help children and adults all over the world get the supplies they need.

Meet Ryker!

Ryker is a 4 year old from Kansas City and he has ARCI Lamellar Ichthyosis. People with lamellar ichthyosis have very thick plates of skin. Like all types of ichthyosis this stops the affected persons ability to sweat and can restrict movement a great deal. Ryker doesn't let any of this stop him and continues to be an active 4 year old. He loves playing outside with his brother. Ryker and his family are hopeful that a portable nanobubbler will help him shed skin a bit easier and allow him to be outside more often. the nanobubbler helps to cut down on infections and helps with overall comfort. Please help me to help this family and relieve a little bit of the burden that they face daily.

              ~thank you~

update on Hunter

Hunters bath continues to be a very large project that is officially starting 2/17/21. I will be sent pictures along the way and am excited to share them with you. the difference made in these peoples lives cannot be measured in dollar amounts and I cannot thank you enough for your generous donations.

What is Ichthyosis?


Ichthyosis is a family of genetic skin disorders characterized by dry, scaling skin that may be thickened or very thin. The only managment for icthyosis right now is long bathes and constant use of aquaphor or other lotions.

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